Final tour dates revealed:

We're back in Northern Germany! We will conquer Vechta, Niedersachsen with some harsh death metal-tunes. This will be part of the second leg of DESERTED FEAR's album release tour across Germany. The final tour dates are:


28.04.2022 - Kesselhaus, Wiesbaden w\ DESERTED FEAR

29.04.2022 - Turock, Essen  w\ DESERTED FEAR and Daemonesq

30.04.2022 - Gulfhauf, Vechta w\ DESERTED FEAR and Aeon Of Disease

New limited shirts in stores now!

Merchlab Kiel provided us with some new limted shirts. Our new white shirts with red print are available at our store, now.

New shows with Deserted Fear confirmed!

Hey folks,


two new dates with almighty DESERTED FEAR have been added to our concert-list.

28.04. in Wiesbaden and 29.04. in Essen. This gonna be two great nights with our friends!

Tour update: new dates and changes!

New drummer wanted

A new year often brings unforeseen changes and unfortunately this time we have been hit by such changes as well. We sadly have to announce that our drummer Jakob has decided to leave Hailstone due to professional reasons. Jakob joined us in 2013 and since then has been our clockwork behind the drums. We part in good faith and wish Jakob only the best for his future path, be it professional or private! We therefore are looking for a new drummer ASAP! Are you totally into Death Metal, old enough to drive a car but young enough to take the next plan to China for a gig? Are you eager to play live, release a new album, no stranger to clicktracks and do you have a knack for songwriting? Then drop us a message under! Despite the above, we are more than happy to announce that our long-term friend Tom (see pic) from German thrashers Hollowed will be supporting us on our upcoming tour shows with Deserted Fear and we are greatly looking forward to the shows! Do come out and support the shows if the tour hits a city near you!

Announcement: Tour with Deserted Fear in 2022

We're excited to announce that we team up with Deserted Fear for a mini tour across Germany.

There will be new songs, new merch and loads of beer!


More information soon!

New live shows

Caps - Back in stock


Rest in peace, Chris


We were very shocked to hear that our former bandmate and dear friend Christian Kratzer died in a tragic accident.

We will always fondly remember the times we had together on tour, making music or just having a lot of fun.

The world has lost a great musician and a wonderful person.

Our thoughts go out to your family, to all your friends and to your bandmates from Thulcandra.

We will miss you dearly,

Bastian, Daniel, Hansi and Jakob

Show with Entombed cancelled


As already explained the last time, we are very sorry to announce that our show with Entombed at the Backstage in Munich is cancelled as well. We hope that the situation will improve soon and that we can continue performing on stage.

Cancelling of concerts


Due to the situation regarding the Corona virus we unfortunately have to cancel our show in Fürstenfeldbruck on Saturday, March 14. We'll keep you posted on the status of our remaining shows.

New concerts


Hello metalheads!

We took a few weeks of winter break during which we started writing some new material.

Coming out of our hiatus we are proud to announce some awesome new gigs.

Check them out in the concerts section of the homepage!

Hailstone buttons & bottle openers


We have cool new buttons with our album art available in our shop. They come with a bottle opener on the back side. Buy them for 1,50€ or get one for free for each purchase of 20€ or more!

Czechia, round 2


This weekend we are back in Czechia for a rematch. If you are living near Mlada Boleslav or have the chance to go there, come see us on Saturday, Oct. 23rd. We'll see you there!

Release of the new album by Ad Nemori


Get stoked for the release party for the new album by Ad Nemori. We will play alongside Ad Nemori, Waldgeflüster and Knaat at the Orangehouse at Feierwerk, Munich, on Friday, October 18th. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Thank you to Metalheadz Village!


Thanks to everyone at Metalheadz Village last weekend! We had a lot of fun. Everything went smoothly and everyone had a great time. We would be happy to come back!

Thanks to Mlada Boleslav!


Thanks to everyone at Mlada Boleslav for a great evening and a fun time! Check out some photos taken at the venue by Milan Vicha on our Facebook page.

Jesus shirts back in stock


Good news, everyone! We have more of the shirts with our very popular Jesus theme. Check them out in our store before they're all gone!

Get your coupons for the Bavarian Battle Warm Up Party!


The warm up party for the Bavarian Battle Open Air at the Born To Rock club in Munich is coming up on Saturday, May 25. Check out the event at their facebook entry.

You can get a special coupon by simply writing an email to With this coupon you can save 4€ on the entrance fee for the warm up party. So get them while they're hot!

Catacombs shirts are available again


We've just gotten in some more of our Catacombs shirts. They are now available in all sizes from M to 3XL again. Get them while they're hot!

Zippers sold out


We are all sold out of our Catacombs zippers, but there are still tons of cool merchandise items available in our shop. Get them while they're still there!

New logo girlie shirts, tanks and hoodies


Check out our new merchandise in our shop! We have new girlie shirts and tanks as well as hoodies, each with our logo on them. Get them while they're still fresh!

Thanks to 8below


Thanks to everyone at 8below in Munich. As usual, everything was organized very well and we had a great time. Also, huge shoutouts to Divide who stepped in on a short notice and totally rocked the house!

Thanks to Club From Hell, Erfurt, and Juze Peiting


Huge shoutouts to the Club From Hell in Erfurt and to the Juze Peiting for a great weekend! We had a lot of fun and everything went very smoothly. We'd be very happy to play at those locations again.

If you couldn't come see us last weekend, make sure to come by 8Below in Munich to watch our show on Friday, March 29.

New Hailstone beanies


We've got new apparel for you. Check out our new Hailstone beanies in our shop. Get them while they're still hot!

Hailstone back on the road


In the following weeks, we'll be playing a couple of gigs. Come see us at From Hell in Erfurt on Friday, March 22, where we will play alongside Illdisposed and Path of Destiny or on Saturday, March 23, at the Juze in Peiting alongside Splicer and Libation. One week later, on Friday, March 29, you can see us at the Friday Madness Party at 8Below in Munich with the great talents of Divide. Stay tuned for more information in our Concerts section. We're looking forward to seeing you at one of the events and having a great time!

Epitome back on digital platforms


Our second album, Epitome is finally available on several digital platforms again. You can listen to the album for free on Spotify, Amazon Unlimited and similar services or you can buy a digital copy at CDBaby.

Now you can listen to Epitome whenever and wherever you want!

Czech it out!


In September, Hailstone is proud to get the chance to play in Mlada Boleslav in Czechia. More details on this gig will follow soon. You will see all the details in our concerts section.

Happy new year 2019!


We wish all you metalheads out there a happy new year 2019!

We would like to give huge shoutouts to everyone involved in the Metallic X-Mas event at the end of the previous year. It was a great success and we had a lot of fun playing there and meeting everyone.

Coming up in the new year, we will play a bunch more shows around Germany, starting this weekend in Kaiserslautern. Check out our new live schedule in the Concerts section of the homepage.

See you very soon at a location of your preference!

Metallic X-Mas is coming up!


On December 26th we're proud to have the opportunity to play at the Metallic X-Mas 2018 at Backstage Werk. Check out the recently published running order of the event!

Join us at the end of December to enjoy Christmas with a variety of awesome metal bands.

Get your tickets while they are still available!

Meltdown Tour Video


Check out this awesome video from our trip to the Meltdown Festival and to Denmark!

Thank you to Metal im Woid!


Huge thanks to everyone involved in the Metal im Woid Festival! We had a really nice time playing at this great event. Everything went very smoothly and everyone was perfectly organized and friendly.

We would be honored to play at this festival again.

Thanx to everyone at Meltdown Festival!


Thank you to everyone at the Meltdown Festival in Schuby! We had a great time, everything was very well organized and the audience was amazing!


Stay tuned for some impressions of the festival coming soon.

Hailstone plays at Metallic Xmas!


On Wednesday, 26 December 2018, we'll be playing at the Metallic Xmas show at the Backstage Werk in Munich. We'll perform alongside Onkel Tom Angelripper, Nocturnal and other great bands. So get your tickets now and don't miss this awesome event!

New live footage!


Iridum Stream recorded the opening track of our show at the Bavarian Battle Open Air 2018. Enjoy this professional, multi-cam video.


Big props to Iridum Stream and Sick Of Sound Studios.

Thank you for everything, BBOA!


Thank you for a very successful festival! Great bands, great organization and a very relaxed athmosphere!

We're grateful to have been part of this event!

Limited edition zippers


For christmas we've got something special for you: We've just ordered a batch of awesome zippers!

They are limited in number, so pre-order your zipper now! The zippers will be shipped starting December 22nd, 2017.

Make sure you make use of our end-of-the-year-special: Order your zipper by December 31st, 2017, and you only pay 30€ plus shipping!!!

Get them while they're hot!

New shirts available now!


You can now order our new shirts with an awesome design by Roberto Toderico in our shop. Here is the design in all its glory:

Hailstone at the Bavarian Battle Open Air 2018!


30th Oct, 2017


It's just been announced that Hailstone will play at the Bavarian Battle Open Air which takes place from June 1st to June 3rd, 2018. Tell everyone you know to come to this awesome event!

Check out their website and their page on facebook!

New Merchandise


Very soon, our new shirts with the brilliant design by Roberto Toderico will arrive. Don't forget to check our shop. You can also preorder our new patches for your favourite jacket which will arrive at roughly the same time as the shirts.

Stay tuned for more news shortly!

Hailstone - Lost in Shanghai


As you all know we were lucky enough to get a chance to play in Shanghai earlier this year. Of course we wanted to share some of our experiences of the country, its people and its culture with you. So, coming soon, there will be a video encapturing our adventures in China. For the time being, we've prepared a trailer to get you hyped for the full video. Check it out!

Patches coming soon


Watch out all you patch freaks out there. We'll be selling patches with our logo in our webshop soon. Stay tuned for a pre-order special starting this Friday! This is what the patches will look like:

New Shirts


Get hyped for new shirts coming very soon!

We'll be posting a sneak peek at the design for the new shirts shortly.

The design will again be made by our good friend Roberto Toderico. In the meantime you can check out some of his other amazing artwork on his site on facebook!


Hailstone plays at Metallergrillen 2017


We're stoked to announce that Hailstone will play at the festival Metallergrillen in Katzenbach near Rockenhausen held on 1st and 2nd September 2017 along with such awesome bands as Tankard! So, grab your steaks and your barbecue equipment and join us at this brilliant event!


Aftermath of the Dark Easter Metal Meeting


The Dark Easter Metal Meeting at the Backstage in Munich is over. It was a spectacular event and a great success for both the organizers and the participating bands.

We'd like to thank all of the bands that we had the pleasure to play and have fun with as well as the organizers who did an exceptional job at making everyone feel comfortable and at ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Check out these two reviews for the two-day event:

Review of the event @

Review of the event @


Dark Easter Metal Meeting

3rd Apr 2017

Coming up on the Easter weekend (Saturday, April 15th, and Sunday, April 16th) is the awesome Dark Easter Metal Meeting at Backstage in Munich. We'll be playing on Sunday along with Revel in Flesh, Asphyx and Mayhem, among others. We'll be there for both days to enjoy some good metal music and to have a drink and chat with everyone.

Be sure not to miss this outstanding event! We'll see you there!

Below you'll find the running order for the whole event.

Desolation China

3rd Apr 2017

Hailstone has now officially desolated China! On Friday, September 24th, Hailstone played at the Inferno in Shanghai with the local band Extinction. The show was a smashing success! We'd like to thank everyone involved in organizing the show and our stay and we hope to play in China again sometime.

Stay tuned for some cool photos from the event!


06th Jan 2017

We have released a new lyric video for the song INSIDIOUS DEPRAVITY from our latest album! It is one of the fastest and most hard-hitting songs on EPITOME. The lyrics are revolving around struggles against seclusion and self-loathing and how you fail to overcome them. 


19th Dec 2016

Hello folks, we have promised you some news and here it goes:




You might have noticed there is a time gap between our January shows and the ones following after. The reason being, that our singer Daniel will be working in Shanghai starting February until April 2017, therefore no shows are possible in this time. So we just seized this opportunity and will pay him a visit while a playing a show together with Shanghai-based Death Metal band Extinction at Inferno's Shanghai! We are very stoked to have a show that far away and will make sure to deliver Munich-made desolation to all Shanghai metalheads!


Also we will be hanging around and spread German seriousness to the Chinese people. Eating lots of food and drinking some stuff. Looking foward to this very much!



11th Dec 2016

Hello folks,


so finally the LPs have arrived from the production company! We are very sorry for the very long delay, but now they are here and that is all that matters.


They have turned out very well so why don't you head over to our store and grab a copy of this lovely pieces for yourself? Hand-signed numbers on top!


Still missing a present for your loved ones?

Also check out our "XMAS EPITOME" bundle!



11th Oct 2016


EPITOME is now digitally available on several stream clients, so listen to it if you haven't bought the album yet!


We are having a contest to win a free shirt on our Facebook-Page so go there and check it out if you are interested in participating!

06th Oct 2016


So here we are with some bootleg stuff from our release show on 30th Sep 2016 at the Chaos Blast Fest! The sound is what you would expect from a small camera, but its footage anyway. 


Enjoy "Celestial Wrath" from our freshly released album EPITOME!

Hailstone will play at the Dark Easter Metal Meeting in 2017 along with ASPHYX and other great bands!

Our second album "EPITOME" is released today, 23rd Sep 2016!

"EPITOME" and new merchandise available for Pre-Order!

Epitome (CD/LP) is available for pre-ordering starting TODAY, 14 Sep 2016!

LPs will be shipped around Oct 2016 due to delays in production.


Also, we got new shirts (also Girlies/Tanks) available for pre-ordering!

Sizes: M-XXXL


 The Pre-Orders will be shipped around 22nd September!

19th Sep 2016

Today the test vinyl for our album EPITOME has arrived! The LPs of EPITOME will be strictly limited to 200 pieces and numbered by hand by the band!


The LP is available for pre-ordering in our shop, so check it out!


Due to delays in production they will be shipped  around October 2016.

14th Sep 2016

Kaosguards: le webzine metal à l'esprit large interviewed us and asked us some interesting questions! The interview is in French, but no worries, an English translation is also available on the page!


Thanks to Kaosguards for the interview!

Launch of new website

12th Sep 2016

Welcome to the new website of Hailstone, Munich's best Melodic Death Metal band!

Find the latest news for our upcoming album release here!

Music video released for "THE SHORE"

04th Sep 2016


Hailstone recently released a music video for "THE SHORE" from their upcoming album "EPITOME"! 

The video was presented by German Metal magazine "DEAF FOREVER" and BRET HARD RECORDS!


The filming was done by IridumStream and Emotional PhotoArt at the Bavarian Battle Winter 2016 in Rosenheim earlier this year! Check it out below!