Released:   23rd September 2016

Label:          Bret Hard Records

Recorded:  Vocals/Drums at Wing Studios (Stockholm), Guitars are self-recorded, Mix/Master at Grotesque                                  Studios (Munich)

Members:  Daniel (Guitar, Vocals, Samples), Bastian (Guitar), Hanse (Bass), Jakob (Drums)

Artwork:     Roberto Toderico (Roberto Toderico Art)

Layout:       Fabian Zarse (Oculorum Festum)

Photo:         Michel Winterer (EmotionalPhotoArt)



1. Call to Repentance

2. Paragon

3. Celestial Wrath

4. The Operation

5. Desolation Paradise (feat. Sverker Widgren)

6. The Shore

7. Bulletstorm

8. Insidious Depravity

9. Paved in Blood

10. Epitome of Failure

11. In Death Engraved


1. Call to Repentance (Intro)


...and in those days man shall seek death and shall not find it... and they shall desire to die and death shall flee off them...

2. Paragon


Obstructed by supremacy, they linger for your fear

Pushing onwards to succeed a loss for you to bear

They’re feeding on your conscience, dictators of dismay

Depleted of significance, worthless and mundane


Claim your place and bask yourself with pride

Oblige to them or suffer through their vice



Becoming your Paragon

Perfunctory embodiment

Bitterness will wither with confidence derived


By vanity deprived


Contagious, demanding

Your shapeless thoughts aligned

Adapted, considered

Entities enforced to subside


Singular existence denied

Conformity repulsive and malign

It is a bitter pill to take

Pariah, blissful and refined


Wallowing in worthlessness, pathetic urge to shine

Nothing is more honest than outer clout denied

Hypocrisy is treading down on self-inflicted shame

Submit yourself to stranger force then there’s only you to blame


Claim your place and bask yourself with pride

Oblige to them or suffer through their vice



3. Celestial Wrath


This world is drowning in death and fear

Compelled to survive we cut all ties

Our bonds defiled

Haunted by the ghosts of the past

Bloodlines severed at last

As worlds collapse


Existence of a vengeance reborn

As the fires of war burn higher

I rule over the lives of men

This era is mine to claim



And as the weak ones subside

Behold this power divine

Spilling this blood of mine



Now watch your kingdoms fall

Come forth my servants

Answer my call

I am the will to kill and refute

Beyond the flesh I am absolute


The heavens engulfed in flames

As the ancients roar my name


Their world is burning, the weak shall die

An era passes and a new empire will rise

This path we chose to victory

Is littered with the slaughter of all our enemies


Existence of a vengeance reborn

To bury this world in fire

I pledged to kill my brethren

Celestial wrath is mine to claim




My kingdom engulfed in flames

As I find that I’m to blame


The conquest has devoured all bonds that tied with me

And yet I cannot overcome my bloodsworn enemy

Blood runs deep inside my veins, imposing new ideals

Death is certain if I fail, discord is what I feel

Frozen in the past I stand, I flee from this defeat

Back towards my land of birth, where death will set me free


And as the weak ones subside

Behold this power divine

Staining this blood of mine



And now my kingdom falls

The heaven’s roar

Drowning my call

Forsaking the will

To live this excuse


My path to death is absolute


4. The Operation


Set ablaze the lies they spread

And make them bastards pay

Concussed by fear rotting inside its shell

Our deaths in sight

But we refuse to die


The kill is on

We shall descend upon your reign

No longer we obey

Our fear deteriorates


No compromise to your bequest

Tearing down this fragile shell

We rise against a death dealing force

But your entrenched dominion shall collapse and fall



Incessantly we’re slain

Our fervor will prevail



To their deaths, to our fate, to their war

Onwards to fatality, repaying blood with blood


…to victory

A never-ceasing strife

Beaten, defeated


Extermination drove on our plight

Nowhere to retreat but target is perceived

Aligned against your treacherous ways

Overcoming all our fear

Your life we’ll claim


The kill is on

We obliterate your reign

No longer we comply

Your devious claim denied






With sacrifice we grow

Pathetic sham disowned

Annihilate your reign

Defy and violate


Wreck them down

Operation set

Mutual elimination, abolish all restraint

Lain to obstruction, frenzy is obtained


Perpetuated killing, an everlasting bane 

5. Desolation Paradise

(feat. Sverker Widgren)


Come with me and see

A place where only nightmares feast

Where death is comforting

And life is misery


Reality engulfs me

It tears me apart

Confronted by truth

Which breaks this weakened heart


This sick sensation

Brings alteration



Caught inside, but you can’t escape this life

Your desolated paradise

A living death entrapped yourself in hell, your hell


Killing off this mortal shell


Push the limit of self-affliction

Helpless, abandoned

Reach out for the dead

There is no escape

From this fate awaiting in the end


Touch the silence born from the skies

And bear the burden straining your life

Lost, forsaken and left here to blame

Repentance be my name




You won’t die because you’re caught alive to strive in hell

6. The Shore


Deep in the shadows of your soul

Rests a fragile truth so small

It’s pathetic, distressing but out of your control

Desire surrounds you like an everflowing shore

And you seek your chance to fail once more


Not knowing if it will ever change

But certain that it could change

Just to fail once more


Lost upon the shores of life

The sleepless thoughts abide

Surrender to silence

and the scars time’s left inside

And no one hears my screams

No one shares my time of need

And we always die alone


No shelter for our souls


Countless times confronted by uncertain choices you could have made

But still you chose to suffer on your own until today

And when someone heard your screams

You did not share your time of need

Since we always die alone

No shelter for our souls


My honest affection denied

Yet so meaningless on the cruel shores of life

And no one hears my screams

No one shares my time of need

And we always die alone


No shelter for our souls

7. Bulletstorm


Ripping through bodies the battlefield spawns

The rivers are dyed red with blood

The killing repeats as the hours go on

But we both are headed for hell


Don’t look back, no retreat

Progress by taking lives

One for one we kill

As long as people die



Kill for me, I kill for you

They take your life, I take theirs too



Onwards into the bulletstorm

The flesh of men is torn

But we keep marching on

Into the bulletstorm

Shot down to the ground


As death is raining down


My body is heavy, I’m gasping for air

Coughing up nothing but blood

I find my own body stuck to the ground

The bullets have my blown me apart


Don’t look back or retreat

Move on, leave me behind

You shall kill one more

Just before you die



As Death is coming down


The death we spend

For lives of men

And as we die

We choose that there will be no end




Onwards into the bulletstorm


We are forlorn

8. Insidious Depravity 


The litany of failure is feasting on your soul

Behold your contrived idol, steering from above

Remorse is no exemption for your blemished self

When mortal men will falter in this forsaken hell


I am the face of their plight

Deceived and left to die



Becoming the antagonist

The reaper of your lies



Relentless, voracious

They prey on my defeat

Shallow redemption


Insidious Depravity


Shatter the pillars you thought beyond control

Slaughter the demons they are trying to uphold

Affliction delivered by the remnants of your past

Shifting the weight of the blame at last


Buried deep within

A mortal god drenched in sin




I am the face of their plight

Forsaken sacrifice


Abandoned and left to die

9. Paved in Blood


God of war we call thy name, accept this this sacrifice

We will send a thousand souls beyond the gates of life

Centuries of slaughter have passed into this world

Seven warring kingdoms, carnage rules our earth



Raise up the banners and fight for our cause

The weak will be devoured on this path of blood

Hatred is born from the fires of war

Stoking this path of blood once more


Enemies face to face, as far as eyes can reach

We share blood and history, but killing is our creed

Fallen warriors, immortal souls pass on

The winter’s nights are cold with spring and autumn gone

Emperor of all, I will end this era of war

So our people shall know peace once more



This world as we know it will cease

When mankind shall find peace


Emperor of everything beneath the stars and skies

My name is cursed as the tyrant who devoured lives

And yet I shall face my destiny that war is bound to me eternally

I will unite this kingdom through war

My fate is paved in blood once more



Bear all the hatred from the remnants of war


And I shall walk this path of blood forevermore

10. Epitome of Failure


Fire be my guiding light upon the path to death

Lost inside this form of life, this epitome was set

Far beyond the darkness, oblivious I strayed

Fire be my blazing light upon my final way



And then the fear is gone

of everything I have become

And I shall know that

Death waits for none


Fire be my burning torch and set ablaze the night

Carry me to darker places together with your light


Far beyond repulsion, baptize me in sin

Fire be my freedom and hell to live within



The call to salvation is nigh

Beyond this life where we will complete

The failure we breed

And when the flames are gone

This fire lives on

I shall become fireborn


Chaos be my final form and cast this shell aside

To release our souls from this realm

In death we shall unite

Downwards to oblivion, my mortal self redeemed

Final liberation of this epitome




The fire welcomes me



Lost inside this world

Fire be my guide

and cleanse this life

As skies turn black

By death entwined

I will become



Become fireborn

I shall become a memory


Wipe the ashes away

11. In Death Engraved


Silence will greet the one who tries to embrace

The more you long, the more it’s bound to fade


And as I fall deeper from the surface of life

I feel this silent rage burning rampant inside

But I have learned to accept the never changing

Ways of the tides in life


Anguish decomposes me

Bitter end protagonist

Regret is everything I see

Cursed for my eternity


The face of remorse became my mask

A hollow spectre watching your epitaph


And now I stand before the dreams that I swore to protect

But I was weak and too human to harbor the strength

Defeated by the passing of time

Yet I believe that fault was none but mine



A missing link belonging to none

A lifeless dream I have become



I will face the pain and sorrow you brought

Denying its embrace

In Death Engraved

I will bury the pain and sorrow you fought

Finding your embrace

In Death Engraved


Detached reality

Another life deserted and left in agony


Pathetic defeat

For our dreams are born in deceit



I will suffer the pain and sorrow you sought

Engulfed in its embrace

In Death Engraved

I have become the pain and sorrow you fought

Denied by your embrace


In Death Engraved

All lyrics written by Daniel


The lyrical concept of Epitome revolves around inner conflicts and self-antagonism. For the record, placing the lyrical protagonist into some surreal enviroment was mandatory. The lyrics' purpose is to capture a certain scene, bring it to life in the imagination of the listener and always underline the meaning and feeling of the song itself. Epitome chooses different approaches, angles and the songs differ a lot (in terms of Death Metal style of course). This is why the lyrics also choose different perspectives and switch in styles.


Two of the songs are referring to certain period of ancient history, but not one which has yet been subject to Metal so far. But the story itself is (heavy) metal as fuck, so have fun identifying them.